The Differential Facet of ValidateMe.Online

April 28, 2021
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The Differential Facet of ValidateMe.Online

Ever wondered what would happen if you lost your crucial documents to a natural calamity or while shifting to a new place? More often than not, these scenarios come to life. And this is the very reason that a growing shift to the digital space is being witnessed for providing educational certificates or work-related documents to individuals for ease of storage and access.

But what has been missing with this shift is the assurance that these documents are authentic and genuine. This often leads to individuals uploading and sharing fake certificates or documents – be it from fake universities or companies.

For helping verify the authenticity of digital certificates or documents, ValidateMe.Online has emerged as a pioneer in the realm – with the distinctive USP of serving as a blockchain-based digital vault for individuals to securely host, share and validate their educational, employment and personal documents.

For organisations, it serves as a robust SaaS platform for issuing certificates, validating documents and conducting background verification. 

The Differentiators

ValidateMe.Online is a niche platform which offers unique features to individuals as well as organizations. In its quest to seamlessly authenticate the validity of individuals’ documents and for organizations to conduct an online background check in no time, ValidateMe.Online offers certain exclusive features, which makes it the go-to platform for all –

  • Authentic validation of documents: Often when background verification companies conduct a check on candidates or applicants, they use verbal means to reduce the turnaround time of background verification. Such a process does not just produce discrepant results but also paves an unethical way for conducting background verification. This is where ValidateMe.Online emanates as a trusted platform for conducting an online background check and validating documents of candidates or applicants through its end-to-end validation process – with each and every step ensuring utmost corroboration, from on-boarding an organization onto the platform to verifying an individual’s credentials. This bodes well compared to the companies which conduct background checks through an oral fashion which can often be discerned as fraudulent.
  • Lifetime validation: This is an extremely unique facet which makes ValidateMe.Online stand out as an extraordinary platform. It tackles the most crucial pain point of providing a common digital space for sharing documents that are validated for a lifetime – no more of attaining repetitive validation for the same documents physically, when lost or misplaced. With a lifetime validation, individuals can go about sharing documents seamlessly with organizations of their choosing, at any point in time. 
  • Blockchain-powered platform: ValidateMe.Online ensures utmost security for individuals and organizations who are uploading, issuing or validating any documents. With its robust blockchain technology, the platform becomes distinctive in its quest for keeping documents of individuals secure and safe in its vault. With such an immutable technology, documents are safely stored on the platform and access to the same can be given only by the individual who has uploaded them. Documents are validated and processed through the said technology – making ValidateMe.Online a seamlessly secure platform.
  • One-stop shop for everyone: As a one-stop shop for storing, issuing, validating, accessing and sharing documents, ValidateMe.Online offers its distinctive solutions to everyone – be it individuals or organizations. By eliminating the need to conduct all these processes in silos, ValidateMe.Online serves as a common digital space for all to conduct background verification and validation of personal and professional documents.

These differentiators are surely not exhaustive – this is just a glimpse into the unprecedented solutions that the platform has to offer. These differentiators act as the key in defining an array of benefits that come aligned by using the platform.

The Key Benefits

ValidateMe.Online paves way for numerous advantages that make it a go-to platform for background verification and validation of documents. To name a few, the platform helps –

  • Reduce turnaround time: Since ValidateMe.Online expedites the conventional weeks’ long process of background verification to just a few hours, the turnaround time in validating documents reduces significantly – eliminating the to-and-fro bottleneck. With a faster turnaround time, the platform comes into the picture as a saviour for organizations, especially HR departments. With already a lot on their plate, the HR has to carry the added burden of background verification on its shoulders – ValidateMe.Online helping lift off that burden with its efficient solutions.
  • Save costs: As an online background check platform, ValidateMe.Online provides cost-effective solutions by reducing the traditional resources involved in background verification as well as by optimizing the process of validating documents. With its economical pricing, validating and viewing documents become extremely efficient.
  • Ensure security: With its blockchain-powered technology, ValidateMe.Online keeps documents safe and secure. As a trusted digital vault, processing and validating documents becomes extremely secure. Security is also ensured with the onus that is solely put upon the individual uploading the documents. Only the individual has the right to give access and share the documents with organizations of his/her choosing.
  • Go digital: The most crucial benefit that can be reaped by using the platform is to go digital, in every possible way. In fulfilling the quest of going paperless, presenceless and cashless, ValidateMe.Online aligns with the Sustainable Development Goal 13 (SDG 13) laid down by the United Nations for tackling climate change. At a national and a global level, the platform helps address the need of the hour – an environment-friendly process of validating documents by using the digital realm.

The benefits of using the platform go beyond the aforementioned points – a revolutionary space for online background verification and validation of educational certificates as well as employment documents.

To Conclude

Bringing transformation alive, ValidateMe.Online has come into the picture as a saviour for revamping the age-old processes of background verification. With its seamless solutions, the platform offers security, cost-effectiveness and a faster time-to-market through its blockchain-enabled prowess. The differentiators for the platform surely make it a desired space for augmenting the process of background verification and validation of documents. So, what are you waiting for? Get exploring and validating right away!