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About Us

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ValidateMe.Online is a ground-breaking blockchain-based digital vault for individuals to securely host, share and validate their educational, employment and personal documents. For organisations, it is a robust SaaS-based platform for issuing certificates and validating documents, in no time. ValidateMe.Online offers its niche features for helping organizations go digital by ensuring digital document and certificate issuance, a faster turnaround time, resource and cost optimization and expediting organizational processes. As a pioneer in the industry, VaildateMe.Online is leading the way for instant validation of individuals’ documents and expediting processes for organizations by going digital.



We want to pave the way for individuals and organizations to create seamless synergies for expediting their validation processes.



Our aim is to revolutionize the industry by ensuring digital trust, security and efficiency

About Us
About Us

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Our team comprises individuals who are exuberantly passionate, driven and lively - a group of go-getters and zealous individuals!