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Benefits of Blockchain Ensured Certificate

Advantages of Having a Blockchain Ensured Certificate

In the age of data-security and strict compliance; it has become crucial for businesses to have an appropriately qualified and reliable workforce. Organizations rely on employee background verification to verify the authenticity of their certificates, work experience, home location, criminal record, and other relevant information. However, the normal verification process is not foolproof and may

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rising challenges in employment screening services

Global COVID Lockdown Impacts Employment Background Screening

With billions being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the world continues to hold its breath, hoping to see the slightest sign of a slowdown in the number of new cases.  Almost every business sector has been affected by this crisis.  Everything, including employment opportunities, has come to a grinding halt, because of the stringent implementation

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pre-employment screening

Growing Need for Pre-Employment Screening around the World

Employee verification has become essential as part of the pre-employment due-diligence process. The need to safeguard the company’s confidential data and to verify a candidate’s background information has given rise to employment screening processes. While it may seem to be very complicated, it is a simple process which looks into the applicant’s history, thereby: Enabling

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