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pre-employment screening

Growing Need for Pre-Employment Screening around the World

Employee verification has become essential as part of the pre-employment due-diligence process. The need to safeguard the company’s confidential data and to verify a candidate’s background information has given rise to employment screening processes. While it may seem to be very complicated, it is a simple process which looks into the applicant’s history, thereby: Enabling

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Conduct Background Verification Using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology Enabling The Background Verification Process

Checking the authenticity of resumes has always been a matter of concern for recruiters around the world. The biggest challenge in this process is that it requires a lot of time and money for verifying the authenticity of education, skills, work experience, and background information furnished by the candidate.  Traditionally, HR managers conduct background checks

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Importance Of Employee Background Verification

Transforming the Employee Background Verification Process

Employee Background Verification – Why is it Important? In any recruitment process, verifying the authenticity of details furnished by the candidate is the first step in establishing trust between the employer and the employee. For the same reason, it is very crucial to perform a complete background check for every candidate hired, without an exemption.

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