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Blockchain-Enabled Employee Verification

How Blockchain-Enabled Employee Verification Can Help Gig Economy

Working remotely has become the new normal. In the USA alone, 36 percent of workers freelance in some capacity. Independence to do their preferred work on their own terms is one of the biggest reasons attracting workers towards the gig economy. In fact, according to a news report, freelancers are making more money than an

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pre-employment background check in India

Growing Need for Pre-employment Background Checks in India

The concept of background checks in India is still at a nascent stage. But the need for the same is steadily growing and several organizations, and almost all of the IT and ITes sectors, including the financial sector, opt for a pre-employment background check in India today. Need for pre-employment background check in India The

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Reward and Recognize Remote Worker

How to Reward and Recognize Remote Worker Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has transformed our traditional methods of doing business. It has changed the way employees work. Several businesses have institutionalized work from home practice. The abrupt change in work schedule and environment is turning to be isolating for some employees who are used to enjoying the workplace in their daily routine. But with COVID-19, work

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top 5 reasons for online background verification

Top 5 Reasons to Conduct Online Background Check for Employees

Workforce is the biggest resource available today. Employment of people who do justice to their role, adds to a company’s growth. Alternatively, the same someone, if not suited for the post, results in a huge waste of time, money and energy; this directly affects the company’s ROI negatively as well as the individual’s career. So

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