Easy-to-Use Platform to Issue on Blockchain

Documents issued on blockchain live forever and eliminate the need to ever verify them, which also makes the recipient share their accomplishments with pride!

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Validation for a Lifetime

Increase in Sharing, Engagements and Enrolments

Paper documents are not easy to share - recipient has to take a picture, edit it, and then share - which does not guarantee any authenticity. However, digital documents when issued on blockchain, make recipients share them with pride on different social media platforms, resulting in increase in enrolments, traffic and branding for your program. By offering digital certificates, you can also increase participation or enrolments.



Powered by Blockchain, our platform offers end-to-end security for your documents - by embedding a unique hash for every document that you convert.

Optimizing Resources

Eliminate Verification Load and Forgery

Never again will you have to put any effort in verifying the credentials that you issued previously. Re-issuing documents is easy, as we give a search engine that helps you retrieve and resend the documents. You can also revoke a document, or set it to “automatically expire”, giving you even more control.

Hassle-free Validation

Save Time and Cost

With our “Create from Excel” feature, you can create beautiful documents in bulk in just one click, and “Send to EduLocker” - making it easy to distribute all these documents. No more editing of word documents, and no more writing emails after emails. Save costs, because in some cases you can stop issuing paper documents, as the digital ones are more secure.

Core Features

The Benefits We Offer

Our niche features speak volumes of the edge we offer to our customers. From a seamless and efficient solution to convert documents into trusted articles to ensuring end-to-end security - we have it all!

Our Audience

Various Organizations We Cater To

We cater to various organizations - for issuing trusted digital documents to individuals.

  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Corporate Training Institutes
  • HR Training and Development
  • Coaching Centres
  • Certification Providers
  • Travel and e-Commerce websites


Are you an aspiring applicant / candidate or a freelancer? If you’re looking to make a portfolio of your personal and professional accomplishments, get started with us right away!

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Are you a company or an educational institution? If you’re looking to go digital and issue paperless documents to individuals within seconds, get on-boarded with us right away!

Our Audience
How it works
How we work

A Pathway to Seamless Validations

Create / Import

Simply drag and drop the document / certificate you created. You can also create in bulk form an excel file of the recipients’ information.

Issue / Write to Blockchain

Click “Blockchain” and all your documents are written to a blockchain. Below each document, a footer is also added that can contain - a unique QR code, link to validation, signature, etc.

Download or Share

Click “Send to EduLocker” to send the document to the recipient. You also have the option to simply download, print or email the document. The recipient can access his/her trusted document and share it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., with pride.

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Backbone of ValidateMe.Online

Our leaders are the backbone of ValidateMe.Online - their drive helps us become better with every passing minute. Leading the way, they have paved a path for us in creating a niche product which helps solve critical problems faced by individuals and organizations, today.