Trusted Vault of Digital Accomplishments
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Conduct Background Verification

in Minutes as Compared to Weeks
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Stand out as Preferred Candidates for Jobs and Higher Education by Sharing Validated Educational Experience
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Protect Students from Fake Degree Holders by Issuing Validated Digital Certificates
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Get Projects Easily and at a Higher Rate by Showcasing Validated Proof of Certificates from the Past Projects
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Trusted digital vault for storing certificates built on secure blockchain


Quick Validation

Traditionally, employee background checks take 2-3 weeks, but with our platform, this can be done within a few hours.


Your documents are our responsibility. We keep them safe using blockchain technology.


We have created our platform using the most secure technology - Blockchain - so your personal and professional information is safe.

Connecting Candidates

Connect with other candidates with common links.

Profile Access

Share your profile with your potential employers.

Share Documents

Share documents securely with organizations.

Blockchain for our platform

A powerful platform that keeps your documents safe in Blockchain

How it Works


Applicants/ Candidates

Get high-valued jobs by standing out as a trusted candidate. Put your verified ValidateMe Online profile on your resume.



Win high-valued projects by showcasing the positive feedback from past clients.



Complete background checks for applicants at a reduced cost, faster turn-around-time, high security, and with a regulatory compliant platform.


Schools/ Universities/ Colleges Schools/ Universities/ Colleges

Issue digital certificates for students that are validated and available for life.

Process for validating the documents

We have rich connections for verification of different types of documents