Trusted platform for documents

A safe and secure digital vault to store and share your accomplishments; a portal to authenticate documents with a simple click of a button - we have it all!

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Validation for a Lifetime

Digital document issuance

In the quest of going digital, eliminating document forgery, reducing carbon footprint and bringing in a sustainable solution to organizations in issuing documents, solution to organizations in issuing documents, ValidateMe.Online becomes a one-stop shop for digital document creation, issuance and validation.



Powered by Blockchain, our platform offers end-to-end security for your documents -with the sole onus on the individuals to share documents with the ones they choose.

Optimizing Resources

Trusted individuals with trusted digital documents

ValidateMe.Online is a ground-breaking platform which helps nurture a network of trusted individuals with authentic and trusted digital documents.

Hassle-free Validation

Resource optimization

Saving on time, costs as well as human capital, our platform helps in optimizing resources seamlessly - no more of overburdening your HR department or standing in queues for getting your documents validated!

Core Features

The Niche We Offer

Our niche features speak volumes of the edge we offer to our customers. From a seamless and efficient solution for background verification and validation of documents to ensuring end-to-end security - we have it all!

Our Audience

The Personas We Cater To

We essentially cater to two types of personas - individuals and organizations - for creating their personalized portfolios of accomplishments and for creating, issuing and validating digital documents, respectively.



Are you an aspiring applicant / candidate or a freelancer? If you’re looking to make a portfolio of your personal and professional accomplishments, get started with us right away!

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Are you a company or an educational institution? If you’re looking to go digital and issue paperless documents to individuals within seconds, get on-boarded with us right away!

Our Audience
How it works
How we work

A Pathway to Seamless Validations

We have a coherent and simple process of achieving efficiency. Our seamless pathway offers individuals to make a lifelong and trusted portfolio of their documents and organizations to issue digital documents to multiple individuals at once!

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Backbone of ValidateMe.Online

Our leaders are the backbone of ValidateMe.Online - their drive helps us become better with every passing minute. Leading the way, they have paved a path for us in creating a niche product which helps solve critical problems faced by individuals and organizations, today.