ValidateMe onboards QA InfoTech for simplifying the employee background verification

December 27, 2019
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ValidateMe is excited to onboard its first partner, QA InfoTech, for enabling quick employment BGV check. With this, ValidateMe is now one step closer to its goal of empowering employers to conduct employment and educational BGV with just a single click. The conventional BGV process takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete and typically employers hire a third party BGV agency for conducting the process.

ValidateMe makes the employee background verification process quick, secure and cost effective by using blockchain technology. ValidateMe ensures that the documents uploaded on the platform will be accessible only to their respective owners and users (employer or employee) authorized by them. The respective document owners can share/unshare documents as needed.

ValidateMe plans to onboard all organizations across the globe to make employment BGV check easy and affordable to all. Companies can sign up on their own using the Company sign up feature. The support team at ValidateMe validates the partnering companies to ensure their authenticity. 

About ValidateMe

ValidateMe acts as a common platform for educational institutes, universities and organizations to share and store validated data secured by blockchain technology. The documents are stored in a decentralized repository of distributed ledgers secured by blockchain which allows access only through an encrypted key. Leveraging ValidateMe will cut down the average per candidate cost by almost 75%, organizations can enjoy maximum scalability with quicker delivery and 100% security with blockchain technology. For more information visit ValidateMe.