How to Reward and Recognize Remote Worker Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

July 3, 2020
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Reward and Recognize Remote Worker

COVID-19 has transformed our traditional methods of doing business. It has changed the way employees work. Several businesses have institutionalized work from home practice. The abrupt change in work schedule and environment is turning to be isolating for some employees who are used to enjoying the workplace in their daily routine. But with COVID-19, work from home is an inevitable new normal in the foreseeable future.

The change is disruptive and bound to affect the productivity of employees. While businesses expect employees to be as productive as possible, it is also crucial to let them know that management recognizes the expected impact on work due to work from home. Businesses need to streamline new ways to collaborate and engage on a long term basis. Human resources need to help employees and normalize the daily working hours as much as possible like a regular day at the office. Employees may feel lonely and ignored.

It has become crucial for businesses to engage with newly formed virtual teams and understand the nuances behind it. Employee engagement is essential to continue achieving desired results and meeting business goals amid troubled times.

What is the Value of Recognition for Remote Employees?

If we analyze the past decade, the number of people working from home or remote places has increased by over 100 percent. And the number has now gone up abruptly to keep employees safe during the global pandemic. 

When the majority of the workforce has shifted to their homes to work remotely, there is a higher chance of employees getting disengaged and quitting the organization. The reason being, there are multiple distractions at home. From playing children to doing household chores; it is easy to disengage from the job.

The easiest way to keep the engagement alive is by continuously supporting them through rewards and recognitions. It is a meaningful way to reinstate the belief among employees that business cares about their job and well being. Even when they are not in the office! Apart from improving employee engagement, it also helps in strengthening manager-to-peer or peer-to-peer relationships.

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Is your business’ rewards and recognition program Coronavirus ready?

Virtual workplace has different demands and to meet, you need to transform your traditional recognition and rewards system. You need to leverage a smarter reward system that is well rounded and capable of covering all the essential aspects. To steer clear from any misunderstanding, the first step should be to release a clear remote work guidelines for employees that would also describe the amendments in the rewards and recognition program. 

Use Recognition Tools

Teams whose efforts are not recognized on a regular basis often face productivity issues. The COVID-19 pandemic is probably the best time to acknowledge the importance of digital rewards and recognition platforms. Advanced cloud-based tools can help in instantly recognizing and rewarding employees remotely.

If you were following the practice of monthly or quarterly appreciation, now is the time to implement a system that frequently recognizes employees. Leverage real-time applications and tools to regularly reward your employees. It would help in raising the team-morale and encourage them to strive for better results. 

Encourage face to face communication

Face to face communication is one of the most efficient and powerful media for engagement and recognition. Leverage Skype or Zoom calls to host virtual meetings and applaud the unique achievements of team members; just like you do in a physical work environment.

Encourage employees to share achievements and socialize to help them feel more connected while working from home. Try initiating pantry conversation among employees to relieve stress, discuss and encourage their interests and hobbies among other things. It would help employees to come out of their shells and enhance the engagement and productivity of the team.

Encourage Employees to Acquire a New Certification

Encouraging employees to acquire a new skill or certification is one of the most effective ways to keep them engaged and motivated while nurturing some future leaders. A well chalked out professional development plan can help you retain your best talent. It is a win-win for both employees and the organization; employees get to upskill and teams are able to enhance productivity.

Employees and organizations can get the service validated through Blockchain-enabled background validation service. It will help employees to leverage the verified certificate for future opportunities. Blockchain-enabled employee background verification services like ValidateMe Online offer safe and secure storage of documents in an open blockchain system. Employees/ employers can access the certificates anytime from there in a safe and secure manner.

Give them the option to pursue certifications and share the validated copy with team members.

Recognize on Public Channels

Make sure that the recognition is public and shared company-wide to let everyone know. Use your company’s public channel including HRIS, intranet, or a company’s social feed where everyone can see the notification. Encourage other employees to engage and congratulate.

Public recognitions are a huge motivator for employees and also helps remote employees to feel connected with each other. 


The latest transition to remote work has taught us a lot of lessons. The COVID-19 pandemic has become an opportunity for businesses to evaluate their ability to support employees during such turbulent times of isolation. Amid this unprecedented global health crisis, to keep employees sane is possible through regular rewards and recognition. Businesses need to expedite their efforts to create more inclusive and connected digital communities of professionals.