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Institutions (Companies, Colleges, Universities and Schools) Searching for Users (Candidates, Employees, Ex-employees, Students, and Parents of Students) on ValidateMe Online and Requesting Access to their Documents:

The institutions can easily search for users on ValidateMe Online and request for their documents in one-click by following the steps below:

Step 1. Go to ValidateMe Online platform’s Login Page and enter the email address and the password that you used to register on the platform. If you don’t remember your password, click on the Forgot Password link, and enter your email address to get the reset password link.

Step 2. In the Search field at the top, search for the user by entering their name or email address or mobile number. When searching by email address or mobile number enter the full email address or mobile number to list the users. Identify the user from the dropdown and select them to view their profile.

Step 3. In the user’s profile, check the documents that the users have and click on a document to request access to the document. Note that you will not have view access to the document until the user shares it with you. For the documents that are bulk uploaded by the institutions for the users, check them in the Certificates section. You will receive a notification, when the request is successfully sent to the user. You can navigate back to your dashboard by clicking on the Back to Dashboard link.

Step 4. ValidateMe Online sends an email and notification to the user from whom the document has been requested. Repeat reminders are automatically sent to the user if they don’t login to ValidateMe Online and approve or deny the request.

Step 5. The user can accept or decline the request to share documents by logging into their ValidateMe Online account and clicking on the notifications icon.

Step 6. Once the user accepts or declines the request to share their document, an email and notification is sent to the requesting institution.

Step 7. To view the user’s document, search for the user in the search bar and navigate to the user’s profile. Go to the document, whose access you asked for, and click on it to view the document.

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