Organizational Users Bulk Uploads Documents

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Organizations (Companies, Colleges, Universities and Schools) Bulk Uploading documents of Candidates or Employees or Ex-employees or Students on ValidateMe Online, like Work Experience Letter, Educational Certificates and Degrees:

The organizations can easily bulk upload the data of individuals by using the feature built into ValidateMe Online by following the steps below. The bulk upload feature also supports templates that make the data life-like and real:

Step 1. Go to ValidateMe Online platform’s Login Page and enter the email address and the password that you used to register on the platform. If you don’t remember your password, click on the Forgot Password link, and enter your email address to get the reset password link.

Step 2. Click on Templates menu item on the left to create a template folder and to upload templates. Click on the button titled – Add Template Type – on the top right of the screen.

Step 3. In the Add Template Type dialog box, give a descriptive name for the template, like Experience Certificate June 2020 or B.Tech Electronics Engineering Degree. This name is important because when the certificate is created and uploaded to an individual’s account, then this name is used for the name of the certificate. In the Category field, select Education or Experience. Education and Work Experience are different sections for an individual on their ValidateMe Online profile and selecting Education in the Category field will upload the certificate to the Education section and selecting Experience will upload the certificate to the Work Experience section.

Step 4. A template is a Word docx file that has parameters in curly braces, like {Name}. These parameters are replaced with actual values from the Comma Delimited (csv) file. An example of a template and the csv file is shown below.

Step 5. Click on the newly created Template Type, and then upload the template by clicking on Add Template button on the top right. Only docx formats are supported for templates. A notification will come on the bottom-right if the template file has been successfully uploaded.

Step 6. To associate the template with a csv file and to auto-generate the certificates to upload to the individuals account click on the Documents icon on the left pane. In the documents pane, click on the Upload Documents card to create a new folder.

Step 7. In the Upload Documents and Associate Certificates dialog box, in the Document Type field Select the Template Type that was created earlier. In the Title field give a descriptive name. Then click on Save & Exit to create the folder.

Step 8. Click on the folder that was just created and then click on the Upload New button at the top right. In the Upload Documents dialog box, navigate to the folder containing the csv file and select it. Select the template in the Template field and the Name and Email Address columns of the csv file. It is mandatory to have Name and Email Address columns in the csv file because ValidateMe Online platform uses this information to create the profile of individuals and to upload the certificates in their profiles. Click on Preview to see how the certificates will look like.

Step 9. The Preview will show how the document will look like with the parameters in the template filled-in with the actual information from the csv file and this will reduce the chances of mistakes.

Step 10. Close the Preview window and go back to the Upload Documents dialog box. In the Select to Hide Columns window, choose any columns that you don’t want to show in the certificate. When the individuals see the certificate, these columns will not be visible to them. These columns will be only visible to the organizations that the individuals share their certificates with. Click on the Upload button to start the uploading of the certificates.

Step 11. As the document upload start, the progress will be shown in the folder window. Actions will also appear. The first icon (down arrow with an underscore) is the csv file download icon. By clicking on this icon, you can download the csv that was used to generate the certificates. The second pencil icon is for uploading a csv with corrections. The third eye icon is to view all the records that were uploaded on ValidateMe Online. More information about the pencil edit icon and the eye records view icon is given below.

Step 12. By clicking on the eye icon, all the records that were uploaded in the csv are displayed. If there were any errors while uploading the data, then the error is also displayed.

Step 13. By clicking on the pencil edit icon on the window above, the Upload Documents dialog comes up again. It is filled in with the same information as that while uploading the original csv file. Remove all other records from the edited csv file except for the ones that need to be fixed. A sample edited csv is shown below.

Step 14. After you edit a csv file to fix errors and upload it again, you can click on the eye icon to view the records and the status of the records. The different versions of the csv file that were uploaded here are available for view.

Step 15. The certificate can be also checked by searching for the personal user based on their name or full email address in the Search bar and by going to their profile.

Step 16. After going to the personal user’s profile, click on the certificate to view it.

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