Candidates Verification Request

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Individuals (Candidates, Employees, Ex-employees, Students, and Parents of Students) Uploading their Documents and Sharing them with Institutions (Companies, Colleges, Universities and Schools) for Verification:

1. Go to ValidateMe Online platform’s Login Page and enter the email address and the password that you used to register on the platform. If you don’t remember your password, click on the Forgot Password link, and enter your email address to get the reset password link.

Step 2. Upload personal documents in the Personal Info section, and work experience documents in the Experience section, and educational documents in the Education section. For example, to upload document in the Experience section, click on the Plus icon and fill out the experience information in the Edit Experience window and click on the Save button to save the information.

Step 3. Click on the Upload link and upload PDF or JPEG document in the Upload Document pop-up window. Drag and drop the document to upload in the Upload Document window or click the Upload Document window to browse the local file system to locate and upload the document. The default name of the document will be the file name of the document and you can edit it to give it a more descriptive name. Click on the Upload button in the Upload Document window to upload the document.

Step 4. Go to the document that you want to get verified with an institution (company, college, University, school) and click on the Request Verification link.

Step 5. In the Document Verification Request pop-up window, enter the name of the institution with whom you want to share the document. The name of the institution will appear in the list below along with its website and logo. Verify that the name is correct and select the institution.

Step 6. If there are registered users for the institution, then the users will appear in the list. Select one of the users to send the document verification request to. Note that there are verified and unverified institutional users in the list. The verified users have been validated by the ValidateMe Online platform team that they are the actual users of the institution and have the authority to access and verify the documents. The unverified users have yet to be validated by the ValidateMe Online team.

Dismiss the information message at the bottom on the screen by clicking on the Close icon and then click on the Send Request button to send the verification request to the institutional user.

Step 7. If there are no registered users for the institution on the ValidateMe Online platform, then you can enter the email address of the institutional contacts.

Step 8. The ValidateMe Online platform will send an email and notification to the institutional user to login to ValidateMe Online and verify your document. Repeat emails and notifications are sent to the institutional user if they don’t verify your document.

Step 9. You can cancel the request for verification by clicking on the Request Verification link. The request can be cancelled till the time the institutional user verifies your document.

Step 10. You will receive an email and a notification from the ValidateMe Online platform once your document has been verified by the institutional user. You can now easily share the documents with other organizations, like your prospective employers for the quick verification of your experience and educational history.

Step 11. You can also set the issuer institution of a document by clicking on the Edit icon or the Issued By hyperlink on the document. Once an issuer has been set on a document, the ValidateMe Online platform automatically sends an email and notification to the institutional user to verify the document. 

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