Register Company User

Register as an institutional (Company or College or University or School) user to verify documents of employees, ex-employees, departing employees and students in one-click. Bulk upload the experience or the educational data and do away with the need to reply to verification requests from other institutions.

Conduct background verification of new recruits in minutes rather than weeks and at zero to 75% less cost.

Register Candidate User

Register as an individual (Candidate or Employee or Ex-employee or Student or Parent of Students) to take control of your background verification. Get your documents verified from the issuing institutions in one-click and share them easily with other institutions.

Get an edge over other candidates by standing out as a trusted candidate by adding your ValidateMe Online profile link to your resume!

Search User & Request Docs

Institutional users can easily verify the educational and work experience history of recruits by searching for them on ValidateMe Online and requesting for their documents.

Institutions can Immediately onboard recruits and make them productive from day 1 without waiting for weeks for their background verification to complete.

Share Docs with Institutions

Individual users can do away with the uncertainty of background verification by sharing their documents with institutions in one-click and ensuring that the verification process goes seamlessly.

Individuals fully control access to their documents and can revoke access to shared documents at any time.

Verify Docs with Institutions

Individual users can get their educational and work experience documents verified from the issuing institutions and that needs to be done only once in a lifetime.

The documents can then be shared with prospective employers or educational institutions while joining them to complete the verification process easily.